Matrix Aida Knife contest 2021 (Japan)

Award-winning “Best in Show” with Satoyama Puukko

Comment from judge: It was amazed at the unique technique and sense of blending the traditional Finnish puukko with a Japanese taste. It is a masterpiece that covers everything from beauty of design to work precision and function.

The texture of the blade, the rough texture of the handle, the finely aged brass and copper caps, all the parts are individually perfect finishes, complementing each other’s presence and unifying the whole. Produces a feeling. The perfect composition with no discrepancies in concept and finish was appreciated. The finish and design of the sheath matched the atmosphere of the knife perfectly, and the knife was locked comfortably when inserted, giving a sense of security.

The moment I see it, I get stimulated by the desire to own it, saying “I want it. I want to get it.” It was a knife that was just right for the grand prize.

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