Satoyama (里山) crafter (80crv2)


Smallest one of the Satoyama family. this one is designed for detail work and general carving tasks.

Sato Yama = Sato (里) means village, and Yama (山) means hill or mountain.
It is a terms used in Japan to describe the border zone or area between mountain and arable flat land. Long time in the history, this is the area humans and wild nature are cohabiting and benefiting from each others and people who lives learn to respect the nature.
This is very similar idea to what we have here in Finland. Different culture, yet similar idea, so to bring the Japanese and Finnish culture together, this knife was designed.

Based on Finnish puukko design, topped with full of Japanese flavour, this knife would enhances your experience at near by nature activities to long trip in to wilderness.



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Steel: 80crV2

Hardening: oil

Handle material: Curly Birch

Blade Profile: Puukko scandi

Blade length: 75mm

Blade thickness: 3.5 / 2mm

Blade width: 19mm

Total length: 175mm

Sheath: Leather & curly birch

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